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Hi Marc, what a great act! We enjoyed both your shows on the Conquest last week. It was even more special and funny as my new bride was your performing partner on the Friday show in the main theater. We will definitely be cruising again on the Conquest and hope to see your show again then.

Steve O'Toole

I just today got off of the Carnival Conquest and would like to let you know, this was my 6th cruise and by far you where the best act I have ever seen on board. My best friend and I were in the front row for the first showing of the adult show and loved every min of it thank you for the great show!

Tandy, Houston, Texas

I am sailing on the Conquest Aug 30 and was looking forward to seeing your show, and just saw your schedule- Am I reading right you will not be on my sailing? Arghhhh! Heard great reviews. I am a travel agent and was looking forward to sharing with everyone about your show.

Theresa Fehr Houston, TX

Hey there Marc was wondering if you got your contract for Oct. yet we have cruised 5 times on the conquest and you are the highlight of the onboard activity for us we hope you are booked or will be booked we sail Oct 11th - 18th


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show last week on the Carnival Conquest. I thought it was the best show on the boat! Thanks for the laughs!

Cindy Clark

Marc -- This is Larry and Pat from Hodgenville, KY. We saw both your Shows during the June 12-19 cruise, and we had an absolute blast! As my wife can tell you, it is rare for me to develop a real link to most comics today because they rely on raunchy devices that they hope the audience will find amusing, but after the first two minutes, you had me hooked, and I don't think that I have ever laughed so hard in a long, long time! You are gifted, and we appreciate your talent! We will be looking for you during future appearances!

Hi Marc, We saw your show on the Conquest last week. I laughed till it hurt. I think your show even tops the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Thanks for making our cruise end with a bang.

Allen, Gloria, and A.J

My wife and I and another couple just caught your shows the week of May 22, 2005 on the Carnival Conquest and all of us hurt our sides laughing so much at your genius in action!!! You are so incredibly funny and talented. We'll catch your act again when we on it!

Jim Yonker

I was on the Carnival Cruise Ship on 9-24 thru 10-01 2006 I never laughed harder and longer than I did that night with you and the lady with the puppet mask on! I want to show it to everyone, I think that was the highlight of my trip!!!

James Abbondante

My husband and I enjoyed your show very much! It was definitely one of the best ones we had seen last week Jan. 17th on the Conquest. Hysterical!! Keep it up and would love to have updates on your shows, Thanks for a fantastic night!

Randi & Joaquin Garcia

We attended the early show of Marc Rubben, and in just a few minutes he had everyone rolling in his/her seat! He is a very gifted ventriloquist who used four dummies (a cranky old man, a cool dude from Jamaica, a mid-eastern swami, and a redneck) in the course of his shows. His R-rated late night show was hilarious without being unduly raunchy, and it was refreshing to see a comedian who did not have to resort to that kind of humor to get a few laughs. Marc evidently performs on the Conquest regularly -- if you go to his website at you can read the reviews of people who have seen his shows. WHATEVER YOU DO, IF HE IS LISTED TO PERFORM ON SHIP, DO NOT MISS HIM!!!!! Sailing Date: June 12th 2005

We caught both shows on the conquest last year, the R rated just about made me pass out. Really my sides were hurting and to this day we don't talk about the cruise without mention of your show. We will be sailing again the 1st week of September 2007.will you be on the conquest then?

Robert & Traci Ryan

We just returned home after a cruise on the Carnival Conquest. We are STILL laughing as a result of your show. Of course, our favorite part was the 'human dummy'. Every single word in your entire show was wonderful. Part of our group's dinner conversation the following evening was spent trying to figure out your white board bit. We saw lots of great entertainment during the cruise this past week, but you were - by far - the most memorable in addition to being side-splitting hilarious.

Charlie and Debi Mogab